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Partnering With Hamilton On Your Irrigation Package

Posted On: February 8th, 2021
By: Hamilton Power Solutions
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There are 4 key questions to ask when you are selecting an irrigation package. The answers to these questions will vary but the bottom line stays the same. It will all come down to: price, serviceability, and customer service.

Key questions to ask when selecting an irrigation package:

  • What fuel type do you need it to run on?
  • What should be considered essential when making a selection?
  • What is the quality of product support after the sale?
  • Are parts and service replacements readily available?
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Deutz Isuzu Scania

Experience Matters

The answers to these questions will vary from application to application. Some will value certain aspects more than others, but all and all, the bottom line will be the same. It will all come down to price competitiveness, serviceability, and overall customer service. Hamilton Engine has a wide variety of replacement engine options including Tier 4 final options (diesel fuel) and spark-ignited options (LP, Gasoline, and natural gas).

The Hamilton Replacement Engine program allows the sale of new, non-current tier engines to replace the same or prior tier engines when a suitable core engine is returned or destroyed per the program requirement. In addition, we offer complete engine packages for turn-key skid mounted, trailer mounted, or enclosed pump and generator units.

Reliable, Custom Solutions

Hamilton Engine is a proud distributor of Isuzu, Deutz, and Scania diesel engines. Beyond diesel, we can package spark-ignited engines from a variety of engine manufacturers. If you require any type of turning shaft, we can put something together that will exceed your expectations.

Hamilton Engine has access to water pumps from Cornell, Pioneer, & Berkeley, and generator ends from Marathon, Yanan,& Newage. We have specifically found success supporting customers in need of generators for linear irrigation applications, building Lima Mac generators anywhere from 13-30 KW, and can build larger units if required.

Service Support

Isuzu, Deutz & Scania diesel engines are some of the most reliable engines in the irrigation market. In the Willamette Valley and beyond, you will find that Hamilton Engine has placed multiple packages throughout the agricultural landscape. Even after the initial sale, we continue to support our customers and their packages with parts and service assistance.

Hamilton Engine stocks over $1M in spare parts and has most engines available to build up a replacement should it be needed. In addition to that Hamilton has an extensive service dealer network already in place should immediate local support be required. Our dealers are all trained to manufacturer standards and work hard to meet both our and our customers' expectations.

Next time your operation requires off-grid electrical power generation or diesel-driven water or booster pump packages, give us a call and we will show you why Hamilton Engine should be your go-to supplier.

When you find yourself in the market for an irrigation engine-driven pump, generator, or any application requiring a turning shaft, please contact Hamilton Engine and rely on us, the experts, to get the job done.