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CRX Engines

Packed with premium features and professional specifications, our CRX line of single-cylinder and V-twin engines are guaranteed to perform in the toughest applications.

CRX professional engines are designed to meet and exceed the rigorous demands for every job. These engines feature innovative technology to enhance performance, extend the life of your product and increase productivity.

As a premier distributor of the CRX brand, Hamilton has an unparalleled understanding of CRX and its diverse applications. CRX diesel engines are celebrated for their enduring performance and seamless functionality. Fueled by a dedication to excellence and innovation, CRX engines boast exceptional durability and fuel efficiency. Connect with us to access CRX engines and parts, seek assistance with servicing, or troubleshoot any issues you encounter. Additionally, our team stands ready to facilitate the acquisition of your desired Service Replacement.

Even if you're unsure about your engine specifics or requirements, fret not. Reach out to us today via phone or email for comprehensive support.

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Hamilton Power Solutions has an extensive inventory of engines and parts for sale and a team of technical experts waiting to help you. Our team can help find the service replacement you are looking for. Connect with us to find parts, get service, or troubleshoot your problem.

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