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2020 Palmer Johnson Enterprises All-Star Team

Posted On: December 11th, 2020
By: Hamilton Power Solutions
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2020 All Star Team banner

While 2020 has been anything but "normal," we are excited that we were able to continue our annual award ceremony, completely virtual! Our award ceremony has been a long-standing tradition at Palmer Johnson Enterprises. These awards recognize great employees that go the extra mile for each other, our customers, and our community. Cheers to the 2020 All-Star Team!

Doug Hamilton Award

Robyn Hamilton

2020 Winner: Robyn Mahoney, Customer Support Representative, Portland

We named the annual (and inaugural), Hamilton MVP award after Doug Hamilton. Doug Hamilton, one of the great businessmen that many of the tenured employees at Hamilton had the pleasure of working with for many years. Doug treated his employees with the utmost respect and really valued his employees like family. This award recognizes an employee that always puts customers first and goes above and beyond to get things done correctly.

All In Award

Shawn All In

2020 Winner: Shawn Zahradnik, Assistant Service Manager, Arlington

The "All In" award recognizes extraordinary dedication and honors an employee who has truly gone the extra mile for Palmer Johnson, including those who have set aside their own personal goals and ambition to advance initiatives that have helped to move PJ forward. The recognition of the great sacrifices people make in the name of company success is very important.

Collaboration Award

Natalie Collab

2020 Winner: Natalie Lonergan, Human Resources Manager, Sun Prairie

This award was introduced in 2019. It was put into place to recognize a member from our internal support teams including Marketing, Accounting, HR, Warehousing, Product Support, and IT. These are the teams that help keep the PJE machine running smoothly every day and provide support to all across the organization.

Community Service Award

Marcie Community

2020 Winner: Marcie Hernandez, Customer Support Representative, Santa fe Springs

One of our core values is "WE GIVE BACK." We are only as strong as those around us. Palmer Johnson Enterprises feels a responsibility to provide back to the community with both time and money. Each year we strive to make each community we are in a little better by supporting causes big and small. This award goes to the employee who embodied this core value the most in the past year.

Sales MVP

Susan Sales

2020 Winner: Susan Schuster, National Equipment Services Manager, Sun Prairie

This award is presented to those proactively striving and pushing Palmer Johnson Enterprises sales beyond using their outstanding sales skills. They have shown the ability to close large deals, add value, focus on the big picture, and have also had an exceptional sales year.

Sorg Award

Sorg Austin Les

2020 Winners:

The Sorg Award, put in place to honor the late, great, Steve Sorg is a rotating award for an individual who is consistently going above and beyond for customers. For those who were lucky enough to know and work with, Steve, his passion for helping customers was second to none. This award goes to the Customer Service Representation with the most 4 & 5 star Trustpilot Reviews who embodies who Steve Sorg was.

Schwarz Award

Lisa Schwarz

2020 Winner: Lisa Siegle, Reman-Service Manager, Sun Prairie

For Service, we have signified Excellence in Service as the Schwarz Award. For those of you who did not know Joe Schwarz, he was the pioneer for PJ Service as our first Service Manager. Joe set the bar for taking care of our customers and going the extra mile to get a customer up and running. Whether that was finding solutions for obsolete parts, taking technical calls, or responding to unit down situations, Joe always gave the customers his full attention and made them and their issues a top priority. This award goes to someone who embodies who Joe Schwarz was.

Technology Rockstar

Austin B Tech

2020 Winner: Austin Barlow, Customer Support Representative, Sun Prairie

It seems that the one thing that stays consistent with technology at PJE is that it is always changing and evolving to suit our needs better. This award recognizes someone who showcases a willingness to adapt to an ever-changing environment and help others with the technology changes. This person is willing to learn new things, test new features/programs, and provide detailed feedback to make our technology better.

Trident MVP

George Trident

2020 Winner: George Bonney, Field Service Engineer, Fenton

Starting a company, or spinning it off, is no small feat. Especially when you add in a global pandemic in your first year of business. The reality is that everyone at Trident deserves this award for continuing to see the vision and moving forward in 2020. This award recognizes the Trident employee who constantly goes above and beyond to help Trident continue to grow.