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5 Reasons to Partner with Hamilton Engine

Posted On: April 30th, 2021
By: Hamilton Power Solutions
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Business operations rely on trustworthy sources of power, no matter what industry you are in. This is why it’s essential to have Hamilton Engine be your trusted partner. We're here to ensure you are getting exactly what you need at a fair price.

5 Reasons to Partner with Hamilton Engine:

1. Authorized Distributor for multiple product lines.

Deutz Isuzu Scania

When you are looking for a solution, our team will help you select the right engine for your needs. Once we find your solution, we have access to OEM engine inventory, and we provide authorized support. By choosing an authorized distributor or service partner to work with, you can ensure you have a reliable and trusted source of power. By working with someone who has access to multiple lines, you increase the chance that you will end up with an engine that is a perfect match for your application.

Hamilton Engine is a proud distributor of Isuzu, Deutz, and Scania diesel engines. Beyond diesel, we can package spark-ignited engines from a variety of engine manufacturers. If you require any type of turning shaft, we can put something together that will exceed your expectations.

2. We have the experts.

Hamilton Engine Service

There are many aspects to consider with any engine application. By working with a company with years of experience, you are ensuring you get precisely what you need and can rely on. Our team will work with you to discover your needs and then present possible solutions. Our team is equipped to provide you with Application Support, Technical Support and meet your parts and service needs.

Our employees are the heart of our business, and we do everything possible to support the people that drive our company, in turn, better supporting our customers as a result.

3. A history of success.

We have been an independent distributor for industrial engines for over 65 years. We have years of stories and strong customer relationships that have brought us here. But don't just take our word for it; check out real and verified reviews on Hamilton's public TrustPilot page.

4. Service Coverage across the US and Canada.

In addition to our Portland, OR, and Madison, WI locations, we have an extensive dealer network to support the growing population of engines in the market. Should you need immediate local support, our team will work with you to ensure you are taken care of. Even after the initial sale, we continue to support our customers with parts and service assistance. Our dealers are all trained to manufacturer standards and work hard to meet both our and our customers' expectations.

5. Additional Support and Products available through Palmer Johnson Enterprises.


In 2020, Hamilton Engine was acquired by Palmer Johnson Enterprises (PJE) but has remained independently operated. By being a part of the PJE family, we have access to endless engine and powertrain solutions through our sister companies, Trident Engineered Solutions and Palmer Johnson Powe Systems.

All three PJE companies serve the off-highway market with powertrain and engine solutions. Palmer Johnson Power Systems specializes in servicing and supplying components for the heavy-duty, off-highway powertrain markets, including transmissions and axles. They also provide full equipment service and OEM transmission and axle re-manufacturing. While Trident Engineered Solutions is a full-service design, engineering, integration, and manufacturing company focused on providing solutions to small to mid-sized OEMs.