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Scania Engine Pump Solutions

Posted On: March 22nd, 2023
By: Hamilton Power Solutions
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Pump Power Solutions Scania

With more than 125 years of experience developing engines, Scania is recognized for cutting-edge technology and unrivaled reliability in numerous industrial applications around the world. Pumps powered by Scania engines are hard at work 24/7/365, providing solutions for a diverse and demanding list of industries, including Oil & Gas, Construction, Mining, Agriculture, Municipalities, Dewatering, and others. Scania’s reputation for unsurpassed dependably has also made its engines a prime choice for the pump rental industry.

Scania’s streamlined engines are high-performing machines with a strong power-to-weight ratio. When powered by Scania, pump operators can expect instant response, uncompromising torque at low RPMs, and agile performance at any speed. Scania power is available for utilization whenever needed and makes hard work efficient, even during long, grueling projects.

With Scania Tier 4F powered pumps, you will never suffer with a regeneration thanks to the no Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) solution.

The ability to take care of business without worrying about a pump’s performance is one of the major reasons Scania engines are a first choice for numerous industrial OEMs and rental companies. From moving large quantities of wastewater in the oil patch, to flood and construction site dewatering, a Scania engine is always ready to accomplish the task. Superior robustness and privileged torque paired with unparalleled fuel economy equals a wise investment!

Fuel Efficient and Environmentally Friendly. Scania has a worldwide reputation as a supplier of state-of-the-art products – always with a strong environmental approach, and the engine platform is no exception. Reliable performance is key, and a major focus is to design extremely efficient and durable engines for different pump market applications. At the same time, Scania embraces every effort to reduce the effects on climate and the environment. This is why there is a Scania engine that meets or exceeds every existing and foreseeable emission level requirement. The result is customers benefit from excellent operating economy and exceptional environmental performance.

For more information on Scania engine pump solutions, or to begin the exploration of utilizing a Scania engine for your next application, contact the experts at Hamilton Power Solutions today!