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Tour de PJE 2021

Posted On: June 10th, 2021
By: Hamilton Power Solutions
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Tour de PJ 2021 details

Tour de PJE 2021 Starts NOW

The employees of Palmer Johnson Enterprises (Palmer Johnson Power System, Hamilton Engine, and Trident Engineered Solutions) will be joining forces to take a virtual tour of all PJE locations across North America to raise money for the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County (BGCDC).

PJE believes that we are only as strong as those around us and feel responsible for providing back to the community that we call home. Each year PJ strives to make each community we are in a little better, and the funds raised during Tour de PJ will go directly into the Madison, WI community via the Boys and Girls Club. Specifically, these efforts will raise money for the new BGCDC Skilled Trades facility. This new facility will give exposure and experience within the trades to both kids and young adults.

PJE Pledge

PJE has pledged to donate for every “mile” that a PJE employee logs during this virtual tour. There are multiple ways to log “miles” during this virtual tour, and it will require all PJ employees to work as a team to log the 7,419 miles in 10 short days. This virtual tour encourages employees to get moving and stay active, which is part of a healthy lifestyle, no matter how they choose to exercise. In addition to donating for every "mile," there will be additional ways for employees to contribute even more money to BGCDC on their behalf.

Additional Competition

Of course, adding some competition makes things more interesting! We have created 4 teams that will compete through the average miles earned per group.


  • Palmer Johnson Enterprises (Support Teams)
  • Palmer Johnson Power System
  • Hamilton Engine (Pacific NorthWest)
  • Trident Engineered Solutions and Hamilton Engine (Midwest)

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