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Your Engineering Resource: Trident Engineered Solutions

Posted On: June 22nd, 2021
By: Hamilton Power Solutions
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Hamilton Engine is part of the Palmer Johnson Enterprise's family of companies, alongside Palmer Johnson Power Systems and Trident Engineered Solutions.

Trident is a full-service design, engineering, integration, and manufacturing company focused on providing small to mid-sized OEM solutions. Learn more about Trident and view their brochure below!

TES Capabilites wide

At Trident, we engineer off-highway power solutions for small to mid-sized OEMs.

We serve as a total integrated engineering partner for clients in markets on the move, including industrial, forestry, marine, mining, oil/energy, railroad, and aviation.

Our industry expertise allows us to work as an extension of your engineering capabilities, offering complete scalability in the size and scope of projects tailored to your application. From designing and building to delivery and ongoing support, we power your project and help you compete in a modern OEM world.


Capability design project engineering

We design custom off-highway power solutions that fit your specifications while managing project flow for an expeditious turnaround. Our team of engineers brings in-depth product and vendor knowledge to support your OEM team. With a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of machinery and design, we provide the capabilities of an in-house engineer and serve as a single point of contact for your project.



Capability integrated solutions

From a singular powertrain component to extensive custom integrations, we have the capacity to provide solutions of any scale to meet your application needs. No matter the scope of your project, we adapt to deliver the level of support you need, then provide you with tailored solutions that can be incorporated effortlessly into your existing system.




Capability equipment modernization

With sustainability and competitive advantage in mind, we bring outdated equipment back to life with the latest technology. Whether re-powering a single piece of machinery or reinventing an entire fleet, the correct modernization extends the service life of your original equipment, delivers a positive return on investment, and provides a green alternative that gives products a second life.




Capability fabrication manufacturing

Whether it’s a single component or part of our integrated solution, we have the resources to build any product in-house. Our extensive fabrication, manufacturing, and assembly knowledge allow us to support a wide range of applications.

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