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Who is Palmer Johnson Enterprises?

Posted On: January 11th, 2021
By: Hamilton Power Solutions
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In the last year, you may have heard of seen the name of our parent company, Palmer Johnson Enterprises. In 2020, Hamilton Engine was acquired by Palmer Johnson Enterprises but remains independently operated.

For over 40 years, Palmer Johnson Power Systems was the sole company under the enterprise's name. Palmer Johnson Enterprises has existed in the background, but it wasn't used publicly or highlighted often. That all changed in 2020 with the acquisition of Hamilton Engine and the creation of Trident Engineered Solutions, creating a family of 3 companies.


Sturgeon Bay Boat Works

While we have only recently begun highlighting Palmer Johnson Enterprises, it is a company with a long history that has evolved for over 100 years. The history of this company goes back to 1918 when Sturgeon Bay Boat Works began. In 1956, Sturgeon Bay Boat Works got renamed Palmer Johnson Yachts. Palmer Johnson Yachts constructed world-class vessels ranging in size from 80' to 195'.

In 1977, Palmer Johnson Distributors spun off from Palmer Johnson Yachts to diversify the business, initially distributing just Twin Disc products. 1977 also marks the time we became a family-owned business. For the past 40+ years, Palmer Johnson Enterprises has been the parent company to only Palmer Johnson Power Systems.

Supporting Our Teams

With Hamilton and Trident's addition, we wanted to centralize our support services, which means that our support departments went from solely supporting Palmer Johnson Power Systems to supporting the entire family of companies. Our support departments include our Accounting, HR, Marketing, IT, and Warehouse teams based at our headquarters in Sun Prairie, WI.

Starting in 2021, all support services will be moving to Palmer Johnson Enterprise employees. We are formalizing our own support organization for the use of all three companies. This really doesn't change what we have been doing the last year, though. Our support teams have spent 2020 learning and growing with Trident and Hamilton's addition, and that doesn't stop now.

The New Logo


Now that we have begun highlighting Palmer Johnson Enterprises more, we needed a new logo to represent us. When designing this new logo, we went old school, incorporating the original crossed flags icon formerly used by Palmer Johnson Yachts. The left flag represents "P" and the right flag represents "J" in the nautical world. You can also see these flags in the PJPS logo; both flags live within our icon.

What This Means for Our Customers

One of our core values is "We Care About Our Customers," which still rings true. We see everything we do through our customers' eyes and go above and beyond. We only work on things that create value for our customers, communicating openly, honestly, and often along the way.

The addition of Hamilton Engine and the creation of Trident Engineered Solutions were done with our customers in mind. Our primary focus is to provide the best solution for our customers and become a one-stop-shop. We are always striving for excellence, and that doesn't stop now.

2020 was not the year we had imagined in January, but we're plowing through and can see the light on the other side. Through the worst of it, we stayed true to who we are as a company, putting our people first and staying focused on what we do best - taking care of our customers. Thank you for your continued support, and cheers to 2021!