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Industrial Engines

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Industrial Engines

Hamilton Power Solutions sells and customizes engines for any industrial application you can imagine. Our heavy-duty diesel engines provide reliable, efficient performance - sold and serviced by a staff of the Northwest's most experienced diesel engine experts. We offer engines by DEUTZ, Isuzu, Scania and Zenith.

Some applications include compressors, welders, forklifts, rock crushers, portable sawmills, airport ground support, construction machinery, pump & irrigation, hydrostatic drives, aggregate screening plants, paint striping, fire pumps and more.

Accessory Products

We offer diverse families of accessory product lines for your industrial engine application. Governors, controls, displays, sensors, level devices, valves, chargers and more – everything to get exactly what you need out of your industrial engine.

Our manufacturers include Governors America Corp, NACD, Murphy and LOFA Industries.