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Whether forestry harvesters, feller bunchers, chippers or mulchers, we offer a variety of engine sizes and configurations along with a complete engineering team to help configure the perfect engine for your forestry equipment.

At Hamilton Power Solutions, we offer a wide range of engines from Deutz, Isuzu and Scania to meet the demanding needs for forestry applications. From forestry harvesters and feller bunchers to chippers and mulchers, our engines are built to withstand the rigors of even the most demanding forestry jobs. We offer a variety of engine sizes and configurations along with a complete engineering team to help configure the perfect engine for your forestry equipment. Whether you're looking for maximum power or maximum efficiency, we have an engine that will fit the bill. Contact us today to learn more about the engines we offer for forestry applications.

Wood Chipper

Wood Chippers

We offer a wide product offering of engines for wood chippers with the selectable option of high capacity air filters or heavy duty air filters to achieve maximum performance and efficiency in the dusty environment that wood chippers operate in. We have the expertise to offer the perfect fit engine that will limit down time in this demanding industry.

Feller Buncher

Feller Bunchers

Forestry professionals, we have the perfect engines for Feller Buncher equipment. We have engines designed specifically for forestry applications, with attention to fuel efficiency and optimal performance. Let us help you find the perfect engine for your Feller Buncher application while assisting with the most current emissions standards to ensure you’re set up for the future.

Forest Harvester

Forest Harvesters

Engines for forest harvesters to meet the unique demands that precision forestry equipment has brought to this market. We have engine offerings that can meet the latest integration requirements to excel for precision forestry equipment. We also have engine solutions to meet the requirements for more traditional forest harvester equipment.

Logging Carriage Skycar

Logging Carriages/Skycars

Hamilton Power Solutions has the expertise and diverse product offerings to assist from beginning to end on new machine builds and repowers to provide the perfect fit engine for logging carriages. More than just an engine distributor, Hamilton has a complete engineering team to provide comprehensive power solutions for your logging equipment application.


Mulchers & Shredders

With the engine offerings of Deutz, Isuzu, and Scania, we can supply the perfect fit engine for wood mulchers and wood shredders. We have an extensive background with forestry applications needed to supply the expertise to provide the correct solution for optimal performance and fuel efficiency.

Tree Trimmer

Tree Trimmers

We offer an extensive range of engines for tree trimmer equipment of all sizes with the option to choose between high capacity air filters or heavy duty ones, both designed specifically towards achieving maximum performance in dusty environments. Our expertise with forestry applications will ensure that you get the optimal engine for your application.


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