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Deutz TCD 7.8 L6 Power Pack

Deutz TCD 7.8 L6 Power Pack

DEUTZ factory-built Power Packs are compact, ready-to-install engine solutions for mobile machinery. Designed for us in the construction, agricultural and industrial markets, each Power Pack is fully tested and validated to offer a robust and completely integrated power package. Not only are they easy to install, but they also offer the industry’s lowest installed and operational costs. And, they come with the same exclusive warranty as new DEUTZ engines.

The DEUTZ TCD 7.8 Power Pack is in a ready-to-run pedestal mounted package and is supported by a large range of options and accessories.


  • The TCD 7.8 Power Pack features a proven and robust, water-cooled, 6-cylinder inline diesel engine with cooled, external exhaust-gas recirculation. The unit includes a mounted cooling-and-guard package, and the engine can be equipped with a suction or pusher fan.
  • The engine meets the requirements of the EU Stage IV and US EPA Tier 4 with DVERT® selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and a diesel particulate filter (DPF). This unit already complies with the latest EU Stage V emissions standards. A version is also available for export to lower regulated countries (LRC).
  • DEUTZ factory-built Power Packs offer the renowned performance and reliability associated with all DEUTZ engines and powered equipment. They’re ideal for use in a wide range of equipment

Deutz TCD 7.8 L6 Power Pack Specifications

  TCD 7.8 L6 Power Pack - 260 kW
Hp 348
kW 260
RPMs 220
Lbft 1033
Nm 1400
Liters 7.8
Cubic Inches 476
Dry Weight 1598 lbs
Cylinders 6
Cycle 4 Stroke
Emissions US EPA Tier 4F
EU Stage V