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Scania 9 Liter Power Generation Engine

Scania DC09 327A Engine

The Scania DC09 327A diesel engine takes performance, dependability and operating economy to new heights. This engine is offered with a 400 HP power rating.


  • Scania Engine Management System, EMS
  • Extra high pressure fuel injection system, XPI
  • Variable Geometry Turbocharger
  • Saver ring in cylinder liner
  • Fuel filter and extra pre-filter with water separator
  • Thermal recirculation fuel heater
  • Oil filter, full flow
  • Centrifugal oil cleaner
  • Oil cooler, integrated in cylinder block
  • Oil filler, in cylinder block
  • Oil dipstick, in cylinder block
  • Deep front oil sump
  • Magnetic drain plug for oil draining
  • Starter motor, 1-pole 6.0 kW
  • Alternator, 1-pole 100 A
  • Flywheel, for use with friction clutch
  • Silumin flywheel housing, SAE 1 flange
  • Front-mounted engine suspension
  • Particulate filter and SCR in 2-unit distributed aftertreatment system
  • Open crankcase ventilation


  DC09 327A (400 HP)
Hp 400
kW 294
RPMs 2100
Lbft 1385
Nm 1879
Liters 9.3
Cubic Inches 567.5
Dry Weight 2094 lbs
Cylinders 5
Cycle 4 Stroke
Engine Rating Variable Speed (IFN)
Emissions EU Stage V for Locomotives (RLL-V/C-1)