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Scania DC13

Scania DC13 327A Engine

The Scania DC13 327A diesel engine takes performance, dependability and operating economy to new heights. This engine is offered with a 550 HP power rating.


  • Scania Engine Management System, EMS
  • Extra high pressure fuel injection system, XPI
  • Variable Geometry Turbocharger
  • Saver ring in cylinder liner
  • Fuel filter and extra pre-filter with water separator
  • Thermal recirculation fuel heater
  • Oil filter, full flow
  • Centrifugal oil cleaner
  • Oil cooler, integrated in cylinder block
  • Oil filler, in cylinder block
  • Oil dipstick, in cylinder block
  • Deep front oil sump
  • Magnetic drain plug for oil draining
  • Starter motor, 1-pole 6.0 kW
  • Alternator, 1-pole 100 A
  • Flywheel, for use with friction clutch
  • Front-mounted engine suspension
  • Particulate filter and SCR in 2-unit distributed aftertreatment system
  • Open crankcase ventilation

Scania DC13 327A Engine Specifications

  DC13 327A (550 HP)
Hp 550
kW 405
RPMs 2100
Lbft 1826
Nm 2476
Liters 12.7
Cubic Inches 775
Dry Weight 2314 lbs
Cylinders 6
Cycle 4 Stroke
Emissions EU Stage V for Locomotives (RLL-V/C-1)